Clare Teal

Kennedy Jenson

Clare Teal (born 14 May 1973) is an English jazz singer from the historic county of Yorkshire who has become famous not only for her singing, but also for having signed the biggest ever recording deal by a British jazz singer. Teal was brought up in the Kildwick area of Keighley, West Yorkshire where she was born. She developed an interest in jazz from an early age, through her father's collection of 78rpm records, becoming obsessed with big band singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Loss. Read more on

Clare Teal & Grant Windsor
And So It Goes
Album (2013)
Clare Teal
The Many Sides of Clare Teal
Album (2012)
Clare Teal
Hey Ho
Album (2011)
Clare Teal
Get Happy
Album (2008)
Clare Teal
Paradisi Carousel
Album (2007)
Clare Teal
Don't Talk
Album (2004)
Clare Teal
The Road Less Travelled
Album (2003)
Clare Teal
Orsino's Songs
Album (2002)
Clare Teal
That's the Way It Is
Album (2001)