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Despised Icon is a Canadian deathcore band from Montreal, Quebec. Formed in 2002, the band is noted for the use of two vocalists; Alexandre Erian, takes use of a mid-range screaming technique, and Steve Marois for the low growling vocals, and high pitched screamed vocals. Despised Icon was known for its work in the underground music industry and have been considered one of the founders of the deathcore genre. In April 2010, the band announced that they would be disbanding and from there Read more on

Despised Icon
Day of Mourning
Album (2009)
Despised Icon
The Ills of Modern Man
Album (2007)
Ion Dissonance / Despised Icon
Demos 2002 & 2004
Album (2006)
Despised Icon
The Healing Process
Album (2005)
Despised Icon
Consumed by Your Poison
Album (2002)