From The Mouth Of The Sun

Aaron Martin Christoph Berg Danny Norbury drombeg Olan Mill

Woven Tide is the debut album by From The Mouth of The Sun, the new collaboration between Dag Rosenqvist (aka Jasper TX), and composer Aaron Martin. Out of the charred embers of dusk Woven Tide emerges with an incandescent glow. Each glimmer cast by the sustained notes of ebony keys, the taut strings of the cello, and the rampant buzz of guitar lights our way, gives us hope, brings us into the dawn of a new day. As From The Mouth of the Sun, the duo act as our torchbearers Read more on

From the Mouth of the Sun
Hymn Binding
Album (2017)
From the Mouth of the Sun
Into the Well
Album (2015)
From the Mouth of the Sun
Woven Tide
Album (2012)