50 Cent DJ Kool J. Cole

'Jay' can refer to one of eight artists: 1. Young, beast rapper from the Killadelphia suburbs, Jay C 2. Jay is a Rapper from Stuttgart (Germany)! 3. Jay is a famous Taiwanese RNB singer. 4. Jay (birthname Jørn) is a rapper from the northern parts of Norway, also a part of the rap-group Nordlys, in which he write and perform songs along with his friends Morex (birthname Espen) and Ron, the producer of their group. 5. The character Jay from the View Askewniverse played by Jason Mewes in movies such as Dogma, Clerks, Mallrats etc Read more on Last.fm

Dis Hoe Ons Rol
Album (2013)
Lianie May
Bonnie en Clyde
Album (2012)
Album (2010)