Jeanne Cherhal

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Jeanne Cherhal, born in Nantes, France, on February 28, 1978; is a French singer-songwriter. After spending her younger years in Erbray near Châteaubriant, Cherhal studied philosophy before moving to Paris. She started her singing career playing piano - solo, or accompanied by her guitarist Éric Löhrer in small concert venues. At the time she sported long, plaîtted hair. After a six-title CD (edited by Madame Suzie), she released an album entitled "Jeanne Cherhal" with the independent label Tôt ou tard. Read more on

Jeanne Cherhal
Histoire de J.
Album (2014)
Jeanne Cherhal
Album (2010)
Jeanne Cherhal
Album (2006)
Jeanne Cherhal
Douze fois par an
Album (2004)
Jeanne Cherhal & Matthieu Bouchet
En même temps...
Album (2003)