Keaton Henson

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Keaton Henson (born 24 March 1988)is an English folk rock musician, visual artist and poet from London. As a musician Henson usually sings and plays guitar. Henson suffers from serious stage fright and, as a result, he rarely plays concerts. His art show "Hithermost" took place at the Pertwee, Anderson & Gold gallery in London in January 2013 and "sold quickly". He has also released a wordless graphic novel called "Gloaming", published by Pocko, which is "essentially a field guide to a spirit world beyond our reality". Read more on

Keaton Henson
Kindly Now
Album (2016)
Keaton Henson feat. Reinoud Ford
Romantic Works
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Keaton Henson
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Keaton Henson
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Keaton Henson
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