Kissin' Dynamite

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Kissin' Dynamite is a traditional heavy metal band from germany. Originally named Blues Kids, the band changed its name to Kissin Dynamite in 2007 December 2007: Some music journalists discover a 4-track CD in their Christmas mail by a combo hitherto unknown to them, called Kissin’ Dynamite. No booklet. Zero background information. But what they hear needs no further explanation: Gripping hard and riff rock professionally produced and influenced by Mötley Crüe Read more on

Kissin’ Dynamite
Generation Goodbye
Album (2016)
Kissin’ Dynamite
Album (2014)
Kissin’ Dynamite
Money, Sex & Power
Album (2012)
Kissin’ Dynamite
Addicted to Metal
Album (2010)
Kissin’ Dynamite
Steel of Swabia
Album (2008)