Omar Bashir

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Omar Bashir was born in 1970 in Budapest, Hungary. He started playing Oud at 5, next to his father, Munir Bashir, the Iraqi virtuoso who first made the Oud a solo recital instrument and popularized it in the West. At 7, Omar joined the Baghdad Music and Ballet school. He would eventually become a teacher there and set up his own band of 24 musicians specialized in traditional Iraqi music. They performed regularly across Egypt, Russia, Turkey and many Arabic countries. Read more on

Omar Bashir
Taqâsîm (Luth arabe, Arab Lute)
Album (2012)
منير بشير & Omar Bashir
Masters of Oud
Album (2010)
Montserrat Figueras, Lior Elmalich, Muwafak Shahin Khalil, Yair Dalal, Razmik Amyan, Marc Mauillon, Begoña Olavide, Lluís Vilamajó, Omar Bashir, Andrew Lawrence‐King, Gaguik Mouradian, Al‐Darwish, Hespèrion XXI, La Capella Reial de Catalunya, Jordi Savall
Jérusalem, la Ville des deux Paix : La Paix céleste et la Paix terrestre
Album (2008)
Omar Bashir
Latin Oud
Album (2007)
Omar Bashir
The Sound of Civilization
Album (2004)
Omar Bashir
Al Andalous
Album (2001)
Omar Bashir
Flamenco Night
Album (2000)
Omar Bashir
Album (1999)
منير بشير & Omar Bashir
Duo de 'ûd
Album (1998)