Paul Rutherford

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There are two artists with the name Paul Rutherford. The first, chronologically, was a free improvisational trombonist from England. The second was member of the 80's pop group Frankie Goes to Hollywood. 1. Paul Rutherford (1940-2007) was a free improv trombone player. He was part of the early 70s improv group Iskra 1903 with guitarist Derek Bailey and bassist Barry Guy. After a few years the group was revived with Philipp Wachsmann replacing Bailey, a phase of the group's life that lasted from roughly 1977 to 1995. Read more on

Paul Rutherford
Oh World
Album (2010)
Paul Rutherford
Album (2005)
Paul Rutherford
Chicago 2002
Album (2002)
Mario Schiano, Paul Lovens, Peter Kowald, Paul Rutherford, Ernst Reijseger
Used to Be Friends
Album (1996)
Anthony Braxton, Evan Parker & Paul Rutherford
Trio (London) 1993
Album (1994)
Evan Parker & Paul Rutherford & Barry Guy & John Stevens
Album (1980)
Misha Mengelberg, Peter Brötzmann, Evan Parker, Peter Bennink, Paul Rutherford, Derek Bailey, Han Bennink
Album (1978)
Paul Rutherford
The Gentle Harm of the Bourgeoisie
Album (1976)