Paul Winter

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Paul Winter (born August 31, 1939 in Altoona, Pennsylvania) is an American saxophonist (alto and soprano saxophone). In 1961, while Winter was in college at Northwestern University, the Paul Winter Sextet won the Intercollegiate Jazz Festival and was signed by Columbia Records. The next year, the band toured Latin America as cultural ambassadors for the United States State Department, playing 160 concerts in 23 countries. The Sextet was also the first jazz band to perform at the White House. Read more about Paul Winter on

Paul Winter
Celtic Solstice
Album (1999)
Paul Winter & Oscar Castro-Neves
Brazilian Days
Album (1998)
Paul Winter
Solstice Live!
Album (1993)
Paul Winter
Album (1985)
Paul Winter
Missa Gaia
Album (1982)
Paul Winter
Common Ground
Album (1977)
Paul Winter & Carlos Lyra
The Sound of Ipanema
Album (1965)