Pekka Streng

Kuusumun Profeetta M.A. Numminen Risto Wigwam

PEKKA STRENG (26.4.1948 - 11.4.1975) was both a mystic and a tragic character, being a pioneer of the small scene of Finnish psychedelic folk music. At late 1960’s he participated in activities of The University Student Theatre, and he also did some radio plays which made such a good impression to the staff at YLE (Finnish Radio Broadcast co.), that he was recommended to Otto Donner, who invited Pekka to do recordings for the famous Love Records label. Read more on

Pekka Streng & Olympia-orkesteri
Unen maa
Album (2009)
Pekka Streng
Magneettimiehen kuolema / Kesämaa
Album (1996)
Pekka Streng
Album (1972)
Pekka Streng & Tasavallan Presidentti
Magneettimiehen kuolema
Album (1970)