Pizuya's Cell x MyonMyon

BLANKFIELD CROW'SCLAW Kissing the Mirror Pizuya's Cell Thousand Leaves

Pizuya's Cell x MyonMyon is a metal Touhou Project arrange doujinshi band from Japan active since 2008. It is a collaboration between the groups Pizuya's Cell and MyonMyon. Members Guitar: ぴずや (Pizuya) Bass: みょん (Myon) Discography 2008.11.02 The Grimoire Of Alice 2008.12.29 Chaoscillation Game 2008.12.29 Prunus Subhirtella 2009.03.08 Yellow Cake 2009.08.15 Nuclear Blast 2009.12.30 Resurrection Ballad Official Homepage: http://pm.pizuya.com/ Read more on Last.fm