Polarlicht 4.1

Heimstatt Yipotash Moctan Monokrom Punch Inc. Roger Rotor

The musical visions created by Ronny J. aka Polarlicht 4.1 is part of what usually to be experienced on events like the German Maschinenfest festival, thus giving one a rather clear idea of what it sounds like. Smart industrial ambience, massively enhanced by electronic noises of all kind, balancing on the edge between harsh power and intense moods. A project said to be very dense on-stage, as well. Read more on Last.fm

Polarlicht 4.1 & Transistor
Mission Rosetta - Philae - The Remixes
Album (2016)
Flint Glass | Polarlicht 4.1 | Transistor
Zoran's Equation
Album (2011)
Polarlicht 4.1
Album (2008)
Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor
Drittklangträger / Metronom
Album (2006)