Povel Ramel

Ernst Rolf Karl Gerhard Martin Ljung Olle Adolphson Owe Thörnqvist

Baron Povel Ramel (born 1 June 1922, dead 5 June 2007) was a Swedish entertainer. He was a singer, pianist, vaudeville artist, composer, and songwriter, and has written over 1,000 songs. Ramel's songs are noted for their humor and drastic wordplay. He has written a few songs in English, including "The Sukiyaki Syndrome", about a visit in a Japanese restaurant. His first hit was in 1944 with his song "Johanssons boogie-woogie-vals" (Johansson's boogie woogie waltz). Read more on Last.fm

Povel Ramel & Cornelis Vreeswijk
Povel och Cornelis håller musiken i gång
Album (1993)
Povel Ramel
Återbesök i holken
Album (1991)
Povel Ramel
Ramels radiorariteter
Album (1979)
Povel Ramel
På avigan
Album (1967)
Povel Ramel med Gals and Pals och Bengt Hallbergs orkester
Ta av dej skorna!
Album (1965)