Rising Appalachia

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Rising Appalachia brings to the world new sounds, stories, and songs collected across oceans and originally sculpted to embody our human journey, our global community, and the treasures and troves of soul harmony. Led by sisters Leah and Chloe, the band tears into sound with sensual prowess as stages ignite revolutions and words light up soul fires. Listen to their beautiful sound for poetic harmonies, soul singing, spoken word rallies, banjos, fiddles, organic bass and groove rhythms, and community building through SOUND. Read more on Last.fm

Rising Appalachia
Wider Circles
Album (2015)
Rising Appalachia & The Human Experience
Soul Visions
Album (2013)
Rising Appalachia
Filthy Dirty South
Album (2012)
Rising Appalachia
The Sails of Self
Album (2010)
Rising Appalachia
Scale Down
Album (2007)
Rising Appalachia
Leah and Chloe
Album (2006)