Rowland S. Howard

Crime & The City Solution The Birthday Party The Boys Next Door These Immortal Souls

Rowland Stuart Howard (24 October 1959 – 30 December 2009) was an influential rock musician, guitarist and songwriter, based in Melbourne, Australia, best known for: his work in the Antipodean discophile art-rock groups Young Charlatans, The Boys Next Door and The Birthday Party (both featuring the singer Nick Cave), Crime and the City Solution and These Immortal Souls; his macabre lyrics and imposing roots-based guitar playing; and his song Shivers, which he wrote early in his career, and for which he received peer group kudos. Read more on

Rowland S. Howard
Pop Crimes
Album (2009)
Jeremy Gluck with Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard feat. Jeffrey Lee Pierce & Epic Soundtracks
I Knew Buffalo Bill
Album (2003)
Rowland S. Howard
Teenage Snuff Film
Album (1999)
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard
Shotgun Wedding
Album (1991)
Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard
Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc
Album (1990)