AvelCain MEJIBRAY グリーヴァ 黒百合と影

The Black Swan is a visual kei band formed in early 2014. The band consists of vocalist 儿-JIN-, guitarists 樹-ITSUKI- and 誠-MAKOTO-, basist RENA and drummer 煉-LEN-. Member history: 儿-JIN- 「・・・Kakera」 > ネガ > PERESTROIKA > NEGA > THE BLACK SWAN 樹-ITSUKI- オリガミ > THE BLACK SWAN 誠-MAKOTO- Reivieя > Doppler > THE BLACK SWAN RENA Vior > Vior gloire > Shungokusatsu > THE BLACK SWAN 煉-LEN- (no earlier bands known) Read more on