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The Sound formed in South London in 1979, shortly after a band called The Outsiders dissolved. It isn't a very well-distributed fact, but the Outsiders' 1977 LP Calling on Youth was the first self-released British punk LP, issued roughly four months after Buzzcocks' infamous Spiral Scratch 7". Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Adrian Borland led the Outsiders through a couple of other releases, but the band sputtered out three years after their 1976 formation. Read more on

Adrian Borland & The Sound
2 Meter Sessies
Album (2004)
The Sound
Album (1999)
The Sound
Thunder Up
Album (1987)
The Sound
Heads and Hearts
Album (1985)
The Sound
All Fall Down
Album (1982)
The Sound
From the Lions Mouth
Album (1981)
The Sound
Album (1980)