Vienna Teng

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Vienna Teng / 史逸欣 (born Cynthia Yih Shih on October 3, 1978) is a Taiwanese American pianist and singer-songwriter based in New York City. She began studying classical piano at the age of 5. She took her stage name “Vienna” from the Austrian city famous for its musical history, and “Teng” from the surname of famous Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng. Teng’s musical style incorporates folk, pop, classical piano, and a cappella influences. Read more on

Vienna Teng and Tanya Shaffer
The Fourth Messenger
Album (2015)
Vienna Teng
Album (2013)
Vienna Teng
Inland Territory
Album (2009)
Vienna Teng
Dreaming Through the Noise
Album (2006)
Vienna Teng
Warm Strangers
Album (2004)
Vienna Teng
Waking Hour
Album (2002)