Willeke Alberti

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Willeke Alberti (February 3, 1945, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) (real name: Willy Albertina Verbrugge) is a Dutch singer and actress, the daughter of entertainer and singer Willy Alberti. Biography Willeke Alberti started her career at the early age of eleven in the musical Duel om Barbara and she recorded her first single in 1958 together with her father. During the 1960s, she was a well-known singer in the Netherlands and had at least one #1 hit with "De Winter Was Lang" ("The Winter Was Long") Read more on Last.fm

Willy Alberti & Willeke Alberti
De glimlach van een kind
Album (1998)
Willeke Alberti
Favorieten van toen
Album (1991)
Willeke Alberti
Vrienden voor Altijd
Album (1987)