KOTOKO UR@N yozuca* 橋本みゆき

YURIA (ゆりあ), born on March 3rd, is a female singer from Osaka, Japan. She has released 7 singles and 2 albums. She has been releasing many songs of TV animation programs, and been active in widespread fields, working as a radio personality, columnist, voice artist, musician, song writer, and a live music performer. Currently, in addition to her solo project, she takes part in bands such as; * Honey Bee * 道頓堀ダイバーズ (Doutonbori Divers) Read more on Last.fm

YURIA / 橋本みゆき
Happy Dream, Ageless Love (PCゲーム「Really?Really!」エンディングテーマ&挿入歌)
Album (2007)
Album (2006)
Happy Tea Time
Album (2004)