Yinon Muallem

Başar Dikici Göksel Baktagir Hasan Esen Yurdal Tokcan

Israeli percussionist Yinon Muallem, whose main expertise is Middle Eastern percussion instruments such as the darbuka, def, bendir, and the Iranian zarb, decided three years ago to pursue his career in Turkey. It was a wise decision. In Istanbul, Muallem continued to refine his style under the direction of one of Turkey's foremost oud player, Yurdal Tokcan, and soon joined one of the leading instrumental ensembles of Turkey, the İstanbul Sazendeleri. Read more on Last.fm

ינון מועלם
Album (2010)
ינון מועלם
Changing Moments (Değişen Anlar)
Album (2003)